3D Printer Repair


When an FDM 3D Printer misbehaves and you would like some help – we have fixed a huge number of printers from many different manufacturers and have the experience which means we can tackle the job… 

From blocked nozzles, power supply replacements to those setup issues that just can’t be found or solved, our specialists always find a solution. 

Even if we have to get into the firmware and adjust it at code level or find a slicing solution which really works…

So, whether it turns out to be a mechanical, electrical or software issue, we’ll take it on. Our upfront charge starts at £99 (Plus any parts that may be needed). Most fixes fall within this – and if it looks like we need to spend more, we’ll always ask you first.

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So your new 3D Printer is unboxed, but not yet fully put together.

We’ll take it on at any point and give it back to you working (as long as all the parts are there!). Actually, even if parts are missing we can almost certainly source them.

We’ll also build printers which are part assembled for transport – particularly for new installs or replacement printer fleets small or large.

Typically cost £75 to £125 depending on complexity 


Managed 3D Print Service – let us handle consumables, repairs and tech support for a fixed monthly price.

Maintenance Contracts – you have an estate of 3D Printers that you need supporting

And then there is the time-honoured practise of servicing – we do it with cars, we do it with high end machinery – it’s time to bring 3D Printing up to speed… We recommend an annual service or two interim services per year.

And, of course, you can always pick up the phone and ring 01296 434666 during working hours.

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Over the years we have found that many 3d printers can be upgraded to deliver print results which match much more expensive machines and even to print in materials that have not been possible for them before. Come and speak to us (or call and see how we can help). Or tell us what you would like and we will create a solution for you and your chosen printer – either retrofit or pre delivery.

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