Printing Service


You have an existing part which needs to be replaced.

Send or bring in the broken/worn out/part we need to copy – send photos if that’s easier…

car part
Lancia Monte Carlo grille
Personalisation 3d design


Add the third dimension to your story with our ability to personalise and make something that is unique to you or your business.


You have an STL file – Would you like to see your prototype in a form that can actually be passed around at your next meeting?



We have an in-house 3D print farm which delivers short run production at competitive rates

Our technical print objective is to produce SLA quality from FDM printers – at FDM prices.

For the non-technical: that means good quality at great prices…

Case studies

Tool Battery Charger

Tool battery charger

The mobile charge point for power tools – your van Top inventor Mike Atterbury came to us with a remarkable idea. Tradesmen use battery powered tools to …
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Audi Cup Holder

Audi TT cup holder

Audi TT cup holder – for the vehicle with nearly everything Another project from Mike Atterbury is the Audi TT cupholder. The Audi TT comes without a …
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Boob box

Boob Box

This is an inspiring story of a practical solution to a potentially difficult to talk about problem. When a breast form is given to given to …
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