Part replicator

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Need a part fixed?

We specialise in ski boots

Need a part made?

Clue it’s in the name

Need a part made
Need a part drawn up

Need a part drawn up?

Slider for shower door

Need parts printed?

Need parts printed

Case studies

Tool Battery Charger

Tool battery charger

The mobile charge point for power tools – your van Top inventor Mike Atterbury came to us with a remarkable idea. Tradesmen use battery powered tools to …
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Audi Cup Holder

Audi TT cup holder

Audi TT cup holder – for the vehicle with nearly everything Another project from Mike Atterbury is the Audi TT cupholder. The Audi TT comes without a …
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Boob box

Boob Box

This is an inspiring story of a practical solution to a potentially difficult to talk about problem. When a breast form is given to given to …
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