We make yours – Printcubator

The start of your new business: we provide business input as well as 3D design and print services…

We call this 3D Printcubator: it’s a business incubator based on 3D Printing

To build new business

Your product starts with an idea. New business starts with a product

What if your product is stuck – as an idea


Free your ideas to make them fly

Your product idea is usually stuck, not because the idea isn’t a good one, but because you are missing either the Digital Skills (or the time) to make it real!

Our designers will meet you online or instore here in Aylesbury, take a brief and agree price and delivery…

With a minimum charge of just £100, book a time here…

Why 3D Printing?

To start with, you need the first prototype to test your concept and then a small number of prototypes to test your product in order to improve it.

Because 3D Printing produces each product each time with no moulds or machining, creating the product is affordable.

As you start to use and/or sell products, 3D Printing is able to meet your requirement for products until the Product is established – even then, for many applications, 3D Printing means that upgrading the design only needs the design file to be updated and every product made from the time of the update is the latest and best…

So unless your product sells in large numbers with few changes – in which case we will introduce you to manufacturers – 3D Printing is the answer.

The way you can respond to requests from your customers is amazing!

Build a Business

Now you have a real, tested product, it’s time to turn it into a Business. Have a look at the examples here – and let’s talk…


If you don’t have the time or the inclination to build a Business, we’ll support and market the product on our 10% deal – we’ll do the work: you as the creator of the idea and the owner of the Design File get 10% of Sales value net of taxes on every sale we make! (Or they can go to your nominated charity…)

Case Histories – buy on Ebay:

Boob Box

The Brief

The Deal

Audi TT Cupholder

The Brief

The Deal

The online booking service is the same for Printcubator/parts service/3D Design

Book a slot now

Our Designers are available online

Online Diary/Booking/Appointments/Payments – Integrated Skype/Teams/Zoom – Set up accounts?

Book a briefing session @ £  :                        

Share sketches, samples and discussions with our Aylesbury based team in plain English

Fix a price for Design and a price for Print and make payment Oli or another member of the Team designs, 3D Prints and delivers your Sample, Prototype and then Product

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