Magnetic Spring steal bed


Magnetic Spring steal bed with PEI Build Surface


Easy to get the first layer even if your new to 3d printing
Flexible, Removable, stick to magnets very well
Suits variety of filaments, especially for PLA
Free clean- just flex the plate a little then take the prints off after cooled
Fast heater performance, less waiting time after printing.


100% real Ultem1000( PEI)amber color, matte surface.-0.125mm thickness – Made in Europe
This spring steel sheet is flat, flexible, stainless stick to magnets very well. 0.5mm or 0.4mm thickness
PEI is 3m tape pre-applied, free bubbles.

How to use?

Simply use 4 clips or apply the magnetic sticker to hold it the build plate in place, then enjoy the printing.

Additional information


240 x 330, 350 x 350, 310 x 310, 375 x 370

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