Call My Bluff


Briefing – Design – 1st Print


There’s always someone at every social gathering as the evening wears on who shares their idea of the thing that really ought to be made, the part that ought to be reproduced, the product that ought to be launched, the wizard wheeze that he or she has always had in mind….

Now the rest of the family (or a group of friends) can call their bluff!

Printcubator at Print World 3D, are offering a 30 minute design consultation with our 3D Designer and Computer Aided Design Expert – with another hour design time to explore turning turn the idea into a 3D printable reality with the first prototype included* (and then we’ll quote either for extra time and/or for printing more of the design – which is entirely optional…).

The consultation can be in person or online– just call us and quote the number on the Gift Voucher we will arrange a time with us…

No more rolling of the eyes, exaggerated yawns or here-we-go-agains – Here’s to, ‘I’m sure it is a good idea – really – here’s how to make it happen’!!!

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